Monthly Archive: February 2011

Lost Wallet


I lost my wallet while riding home from Kawaguchi station. I didn’t notice that it was gone until a day later. I panicked. It had happened to me before in America on the train. That time my wallet was returned to me by a guy who worked in a chocolate factory but my money was gone, still I got it back. This time in Japan, I got my wallet back including my money. I was shocked. In America I don’t expect anyone to return anything that is lost. In Japan, I had heard stories of people losing all sorts of things only to have them returned, everything included. In Japan a person may bring a lost item to the police station and then the police will contact you and well the returnee may request a gift. I called the person who returned my wallet but they didn’t want anything in return. My wife got a box of chocolates once.

I consider myself lucky this time. It could have been worse. Sometimes I’m doing so much, so fast, that I lose track of everything, including myself.

Only in Japan!

The School

Faux Pas is starting to take off.

Last week I was busy with prospective customers and regular students. Students interested in joining the school get a half hour trial lesson and then if they want to continue there is a registration fee and then they are ready to begin. Of course the time of each lesson is also priced. Anyway I feel good.

Starting was the hardest part.

It’s all about organization as they say but I still have a long way to go. There is so much I’m learning and my wife is integral to the business because she helps me translate and talk to customers. The rest is up to me. I can’t believe it sometimes. I mean, I was in Japan for less than one year and I already started a business and had a good job. It wasn’t that easy though. It is a process and it was a struggle and there were arguments and setbacks but nothing in life comes without a struggle and patience and timing and perseverance and God.