Monthly Archive: March 2011


We are fine. I was riding my bike when it happened. I was listening to Digable Planets. I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere. Then I heard the large Orwellian loud speakers spread throughout Japan and I looked up an saw the power line shaking and then I knew it was the Big ONe! I took cover in a parking lot area near Denny’s like restaurant. When things sort of returned to normal I rode my bike home as fast as I could watching out that power lines didn’t fall on me. None did!

I got home and secured all my belongings. My wife wasn’t home, she was with the kids and her grandfather at my sons preschool. They returned an hour later and we were relieved. Now it’s just aftershock, after aftershock and well there is always the nuclear reactor that could explode.


Jump to the beat

I’ve been teaching like crazy!

Now the school is taking off. Most of my students are very young like two years-old! Am I teaching or just playing Ronald McDonald?

It remains to be seen. They all seem to be enjoying it. I’m glad I stayed the course. In the beginning there were arguments and worse, as to what we should do, now it’s all about how much sleep we can get. Later I’ll be teaching my high school classes as well as trying to maintain the store. Well, I’m use to multi-tasking, welcome to Japan.!

I’ve asked a friend and fellow teacher to help contribute to school, of course he will be able to make money as well. He’s also busy and has a child on the way.

I like what I’m doing. If I could only get the phone to work. Where is my wife? Well, she is juggling a lot too.