Monthly Archive: June 2011

The Takers

I’ll miss Gil Scott Heron.
He was right on the money. It’s funny how people will just copy your ideas and then talk about themselves because they need attention. Or how they will down play your talent and only when it is necessary they will flatter you to make them selves look good.

Sometimes I’m silent when this happens. I like to see them smile and bewilder me with their lies. It’s ok because I know the truth. It’s also funny how people who are insecure can have such big ego’s. You would never know that they are insecure. It’s like they only play games they are good at so they never lose their egos.

I’m being poetic. I’ve been listening to Gil Scott Heron. I guess this too will educate someone who will turn around and say,” Do you know who Gil Scott Heron was?” And I was the one who told them who he was.

There is so much more to say. Now I’m in exile. Really that is what being in Japan is like for me. The crazy thing about it all is that it was a dream I had long ago to come here. Now I’m here. Self actualization. In the not too distant future I will wander back to America.

I’ll be ok. It won’t be long. Everything happens for a reason, no time is wasted.