Monthly Archive: October 2011


I feel like going home.
Some people as you might already know have already left. Some are leaving quietly. Honestly, a lot of people are in Japan to make money. Despite the earthquake and nuclear meltdown, there is money to be made. Health care here is good and people save their money. A lot of young people here can’t get jobs though because many companies don’t want to hire anyone full-time, because that means health benefits, retirement checks and bonuses.
What would I be going home to?I’m not sure yet. There is so much angst at home but it could be worse. I mean I would’t be in a war zone. I can’t really complain. I just sort of feel like I’m in limbo. Popular culture seems to be dead or am I stuck in the 80’s?
I’m looking for the perfect beat.
I need to get my children out of the city here because it’s not healthy. I want more space, social freedom and diversity. I have to make the most of it because well, every place has its pros and cons.
I live my job and I work with some cool people but I need more. I don’t like the private school system here. Working at a university is a coveted job here but people rarely give up those types of jobs. I want to be patient but I don’t know how much longer I’ll last. Now I’m just saving my cash until I can make my move. After the earthquake it just felt like a lot of people I knew just retreated back into their comfort zones. we were all contemplating what was safe. Now we have gone back to our routines. Facebook can’t save us and neither can Apple products. Deonstrate by Dj Ulipian