Monthly Archive: October 2012


I try to write all of my dreams down. Sometimes I forget to do it. It’s important to me.

I’ve been feeling better about being here but I still would like to go home at some point. Yesterday I strung up a guitar that my wife’s mother gave to me. It’s a classical guitar so it looks a little bit different from a regular guitar. Next I have to tune it. I’ll just have to see what happens. I just need time to do it. I’ve  been so tired from all of the teaching I do. Often I come home and I just crash but my sons want to play, so I can’t rest. It’s ok because I miss them a lot. Winter is approaching and it’s getting dark sooner. I have to be careful on my bike. I’m a pretty good biker but its pretty dicey on the streets.

Lately I’ve been writing a lot of songs. I just have to find time to sing them or put a beat to them. For some reason writing songs comes easy for me but then seeing them is a different matter. I write rhymes too but I just haven’t had time to record any music.