Monthly Archive: January 2013



My son has the flu but he was vaccinated a few months ago. At work some classes have been cancelled.

I’ve never had the flu but I think I might have had symptoms. Somehow I got through it. I’ve never had flu shots either. They offer it through my employer, you have to pay a small fee but I never do it. Not because I’m an anti-vaccination freak but because the flu has just never been a problem for me.

Here in Japan, i feel like it’s so easy to get sick. People live close together and though people wear masks they often sneeze openly. I can’t stand this behavior but all I can do is duck and cover. The best solution for me is to avoid public transportation. Since I’ve been cycling to work, I’ve been a lot healthier, physically and mentally.

Sometimes I have to take the train or the bus but if I don’t have too, I avoid both.

I often walk home from my local train station. I’ve always been a walker but I don’t think I can walk away from the flu.

Chicken Scratch

IMG_6209I’ve been here three years now. I can’t believe it. It  could be worse. The kids are fine unlike me they speak Japanese. Now it’s colder than hell, if that makes sense. I  was riding my bike to work but now it’s impossible with left over snow and more to come this week. My agogare was wearing off last year but a trip to Nigata kind of recharged my batteries.

My job is boring at times mainly because I feel that an educational system based so much on entrance exams makes students a little lazy. They only care about passing exams. Hopefully my children can avoid this fate. At least that is my plan. I’m glad President Obama was reelected but the road to the White House was rough. The fight, if you want to call it that, is not over. If only I could be as calm, cool and collected as the President.

Well, I have a novel and a few short stories to finish, as wells as some music projects. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be famous one day!