Monthly Archive: February 2013

Alarm Clock


I didn’t hear my alarm this morning.
On Fridays I have one class, an elective class. I got ready for my commute and left.
When I got to work I was told that I didn’t have to come in. I wasn’t really pissed off because I had misplaced something and I found it at work and my co-teacher who is Japanese apologized but I wasn’t angry at her. She is helpful, friendly and beautiful and had only forgotten to mark one day on our calendar. I was a little ticked at my boss because he said that I didn’t have to come to work and that it is listed in the office on a wall. The only problem with what he said is that I can’t read that information because it’s in Japanese. He reminds me of the movie Office Space.The Japanese teacher told my boss she had made a mistake and I had the calendar showing wear it hadn’t been marked so he felt molded.
I came home and rested, called my pops on Skype. I uploaded a sample into Logic, and worked on a graduate school application. That was after putting new ram chips into the lap top.
I’m ok. Tomorrow I have to go to work. I guess things happen for a reason.
It was a good ride.


Why did I see two of my ex-girlfriends in my dreams? The brown fedora and trench coat? My cousin with a nail gun?
I don’t know.
Cycling helps.
I’m exhausted from teaching. Then there was the one a few days ago when an old primary school friend spilled wine on my grandmothers recliner. I cursed him out and he went home. Sometimes I wonder what it all means. The next day some student in my class was acting bad and I took away his music player. I hate being a bad guy but it was kind of a tense moment. Anyway it boiled over.
So am I going back to graduate school? Time will tell. I’ll just keep writing. The stories are getting more interesting.
img008 copy 7 Cycling helps.