Monthly Archive: April 2013


Sal was a Mexican American artist.
A great friend and artist he died a few weeks ago. Married to one of my best friends he was always encouraging and emphasizing teaching the youth about truth of the world we lived in.
He was a former Zoot Zuiter and described fighting with police and uniting with African Americans one night in Los Angeles to defy police brutality. Often he talked about what life was like in Los Angeles years ago. Growing up poor and wearing no shoes and then later how his parent worked hard to buy a house. Later he was drafted during World War II but was incarcerated after hitting his commanding officer because he had insulted his mother. After doing time in Leavenworth Prison, he roamed around Chicago with some gangsters he had met in Jail.
Returning to Los Angeles he settled down and started a family but divorced and later married my friend and his long time wife Eddy, also an artist.
She helped him attend college. Afterward he became an artist and teacher.
Talking with him made all things seem possible. He was keen and cunning and always told me to, “tell the truth!”