Monthly Archive: July 2013

For Trayvon R.I.P.


Unfortunately race does matter in the U.S. The discussion about race includes everyone not just African-American people.
For those who say it doesn’t matter then look at how people in the United States and the world have treated President Barak Obmama. He’s not a perfect president but neither was President Bush.
With only one black female jury member, Justice was denied Trayvon Martin. So, now it’s ok to aggressively pursue someone and if they try to protect themselves, you can kill them in cold blood and say it was self-defense. More guns in America and more stand-your-ground laws are not going to make the Americas a more perfect union. Education, social investments into the infrastructure of the U.S. and stricter gun laws will. For some reason politicians are worried about twenty years into the future, which nobody can predict and restricting women’s rights instead of dealing with the present time when people are suffering of all races and ethnicities in the U.S. and stalling on making the U.S. a better place because of their neo racist, revisionist, vision of brighter future minus voting rights!
I think the recent speech President Obama made to the public about race in America brought up an important point, what if Trayvon had stood his ground and shot Zimmerman?

I think we all know the answer to that question.
The discussion about race includes everyone not just African-American people Trayvon wasn’t a saint but neither was George Zimmerman. You can be a mestizo (it’s what the Spaniards called the mixture of Spanish and indigenous people.There were more names for each mixture please read about it) and still be racist. Some quote Latin people are Black when it’s convenient like when they are in trouble for racist acts of violence. It’s equally as bad when African-American people attack people of other races and ethnic groups too.
People criticize Trayvon because of the pictures that have been shown of him on the internet doing questionable things but the same could be said for white teens as well for sexting or politicians like Anthony Weiner and others.
Yet I’m equally mad about black-on-black crime in America.
I’m glad people are marching for Trayvon or people marching about poverty and debt around the world, claiming to be part of the 99% but where are all of these white people and black people or anyone else for that matter, everyday, protesting about violence and self-hatred that African-American have for each other or for a country that is falling apart economically and socially?
With a world in crisis or rather a world that has been in crisis, history has never been more important. The world is a divided place economically, educationally, religiously and socially. Facebook is fun but it can’t save the world. Some things have to be confronted in a human way, a physical way but yes technology is an important tool that we can all use to help make the world a better place. Unfortunately it wasn’t useful enough for Trayvon.