Monthly Archive: November 2013


tape-cassetteA few weeks back I was on my to my school with my wife and kids and we saw some old man lying on the side of the rode. His bicycle was next to him. I jumped out of the car and ran to help him. I thought at first that he had been hit by a car but it looked like he just fell off of his bike or the wind, which was blowing strongly that day blew him down.
He was very disoriented and tried to get on his bike but then started falling again. I cought him and then another lady appeared and we lay him down on the sidewalk and another young woman who had arrived called the police. My children didn’t know what to make of the scene. Passers by gawked at him and some even rode past him on the sidewalk not caring that there was little space to passIMG_0272. A guy on a nice road bike rode by and while staring at him crashed into the back of our car because his bike shoes were clipped in. Stupid jerk. The old man also had bumps on his head that were from some previous accident. I wonder who let him out in public when he had injuries from another accident. It was so strange.
Anyway the ambulance came and picked him up an took him away. It was so strange and weird. It was like a movie. Japan is like any place else when it comes to people. Some people will get involved and other will not.

September 1st made it my fourth year in Japan. I never thought I would stay here this long. I thought I would have gone home much sooner but leaving a place is not as easy as some believe it is. Anyone who has lived abroad knows this. People say come home but the real question is how and when. So, for the moment I have to enjoy each day and make the most of every experience like forgetting to lock the shutters in front of my store and returning the next day with nothing stolen. Maybe it was good karma for helping an old man who had fallen down in the street.