Monthly Archive: February 2014

Pussy Galore

Putin sucks! Pussy Riot is cool. Stand your ground is wack! I can’t reiterate more how much I disdain black on black crime as well. I’m far away from home but not from reality. From afar the U.S. looks as crazy as any other country. In Japan, I can’t escape the oodles and oodles of oohs and ahhs about everything. I feel like I’m living in a vacuum. There is a certain amount of political discussion that is missing here or maybe I’m missing it because it is not being displayed physically like I’m used to because here there seems to be some sort of verbal third dimension where things just disappear. People move in straight lines to the point of collision so either you move out of the way or you crash like a test dummy into what ever is in heading in your direction. With a lack of space, yes the Japanese have become perfecters of its utility but publicly in a social context they are lacking.
In the U.S. you can make friends so quickly you might think that you created Facebook only to find out that the person has a hidden agenda and you are about to be de-friended. In Japan people are very layered, it’s hard to know if your are a friend and acquaintance or a temporary friend but it’s a lot more honest I feel sometimes than the guy-smileys I have met back home who only wanted to take my well guarded rhyme sheets, to quote De La Soul.
I’m happy, don’t get me wrong and well I feel for the Pussy Riot girls who were horse whipped protesting in Sochi. They need help and the government is definitely not helping. They could be like Femen but that might be a little to extreme thought they are basically fighting for the same thing. As always, I miss home but there exists a part of the U.S. that has not adapted to the present. The reality is that all those jobs we so coveted in the past are not coming back. Millions of people are still unemployed and looking for work. A lot of people like me with post graduate degrees are poor and working at Target or fighting identity theft. We are suppose to be middle class or the new middle-class but unless we are working at a start-up or making some new app smart phones, wepussy-riot-500x2821 are in for a long economic struggle. Nobody wants crack or cocaine anymore they want prescription drugs or molly so they can escape the new millennium.


I forgot to pay blog bill so my blog was down. It cost a pretty penny to get it back up but I feel better. A noticed that a former boss had looked at my Likedin page. I could only speculate as to why but I’m delighted because I am actually doing quite well minus the cold I have at the moment. Damn! I’ve been with my wife for 10 years. It’s a good thing, don’t get me wrong. It hasn’t been without struggle. I left a lot behind to come to Japan. I’m glad I came here but at some point I have to go home but it looks like I will be here for a wee bit longer. Now our ancient house is going to be remodeled. I never thought all these things would happen to me. Japan is an interesting place to live. I get bored at times and I don’t speak Japanese but I make the most of it. I miss home but I don’t miss the violence especially after a recent killing in Florida of another black teen. Black on Black crime makes me equally as mad. Trying to come home feels like it would be similar to a spaceship reentering earths atmosphere.
I recently went back to school online for some certification regarding my teaching credential. It was worth it but not the price. Damn! Will I ever be able to return home? Well, our new house is scheduled to be completed by September. I can’t wait and I can’t complain. 487979_110210112531_akai_mpc1000