Monthly Archive: March 2014

Go for Selfie

IMG_2011How many pictures can you take of yourself? I’m not sure but now instant gratification couldn’t get more real or overdone.
Get over yourself?
In this era self promotion couldn’t have gotten more self gratifying .It has become a necessity. If you are not trying to put yourself out there then who will?
I like Facebook and I even went through Facebook withdrawals after finding some people I knew from a long time ago but some of it is like, “look at me! I’m doing this!! ” Great, keep it to yourself!
For me it’s a sharing tool for some people it’s way to just show off. Or maybe I’m just jealous and not having enough fun.
I can’t travel right now. I’m stuck in Japan while our house is being rebuilt. I miss my family and friends and so the things I share about myself let the people I care about be a part of it from far away. Maybe there is nothing wrong with feeling good about yourself and not being selfish but some us are self-aggrandizing are selves too much.
You can also never be too proud of yourself and acknowledging your self worth.

Funny Money

I recently went back to school and it wasn’t cheap. Like a lot of post graduates,I’m in debt but I’m working. My debt isn’t getting smaller but I try to make a dent in it when I can. Not even Bit coins could bail me out.
My father has a little saying, “When the money is funny the white boys act funny!” He didn’t just mean any white boys but the rich ones, the,”Happy Boys Club,” the Wolfs Of Wall Street types because there are a lot poor white people too and they formed the Tea Party. Heck, there are a lot rich black folks too and they won’t even associate which a poor schmuck like me. For a minute the richest man in the world was Mexican.
It all sounds bad but what dad was alluding too was the economy or you could say the world economy is shaky. Technology is not going anywhere soon and what does the U.S., my home really make anymore? Culture is our greatest asset. Education is important because it can mean the difference between being a have and a have not but not even educated people are safe from the present economic dull drums. Now it’s all about self promotion. You need a selfie and some social networking skills and voila you can pump yourself up and make some cash. A few of us thought Bitcoins would help out but just give me some old greenbacks and I’ll be fine.