Monthly Archive: August 2014


My grandmother who was more like a mother to me was finally taken off life support. I wasn’t there because I was back in Japan, which is now my home. When someone is dying or dies that is close to you, a lot of thoughts go through your mind. You start to think about how precious life is, all the good times or bad times you shared with that person or others. All the things you would like to do with your life, have done or have yet to do. So as I sit here sometimes and peer into my computer screen and look back at home I think about how some things haven’t changed in America and the Americas and the world for that matter.
People risking their lives trying to get into the U.S. to start a better life or to find family members, trying to escaping catastrophes back home. Police brutality on the streets of U.S. cities, where it seems to be open season on black people again. Or maybe it’s further away from home with bombs being dropped once again on some city in the Middle East using U.S. warplanes in the name of humanity or two cultures fighting over dirt in the names of their religions.
What are any of us to do?
Well, you could move to Japan but you would probably be bored and move back to New Orleans, Los Angeles or Staten Island or maybe back to Honduras. I can hope at some point in the future that all of this will change. That black people will stop killing black people. That the police will stop shooting unarmed teenagers. That the cold war will finally end. That if you believe in God like the next human being you’ll finally start following your faith and make peace with the world. Maybe all of this is just wishful thinking but I would like to hope that one day this will all come true. I guess it’s just a fantasy.
Home looks scary.
The longer I stay in Japan the scarier back home tends to look sometimes. Like maybe I can’t live there anymore but when I’m back home, I feel fine and I love it and think about how important my friends and family are that I left behind, in real time, not just on Facebook. We can all do better I feel, by being better people and caring and not so much that we will get angry enough to kill someone for their Nike Air Jordan’s but care enough to just be human beings and not feel inadequate because we don’t have some material item or that someone looked at us the same way or cut us off on the freeway but enough to stop the violence.