Monthly Archive: March 2015

Hooligan, Scouser Co-Workers


A friend of mine is returning to England. He’s one of the few people I get a long with at work. We’ve always talked about going out and having a few beers but it just never materialized. Well, it finally happened. A co-worker came with us. We’ve all been working together for two years. He told me he always got smashed but I could only imagine what that was like. Well, we found a local pub not long far from our job. It was raining but we didn’t care. Finals were over and our grading was done and it was time to party. I honestly don’t like to drink but on some occasions I will. I don’t like to get loud or crazy. I like to keep my self calm because I don’t like trouble and basically it’s not me.
We started off having a few beers and some fish and chips and talking and then he turned into some type of drunken soccer hooligan fiend from North England and grabbing the waitresses ass and trying to pick up on women and talking loud. I admit we were having fun but he was like night and day, a totally wasted prick. I made the most of it but he is a bit touchy and feely and went a little to far rubbing my head but when we return to work after our Spring Break, I will be sure to let him know that I can’t go for that.
In Japan a lot of people drink. Cannabis is hard to find and expensive. There are other drugs but then you are really trying to punish yourself. You might end up on tv like some bloke who smoked artificial weed and ran over some people in Akihabara. I hate cigarettes and if you’ve taught in Japan you know that most schools have a smoking room. I avoid beer except when on occasions and most of the time I’ve been lucky but sometimes I have been wrong. Now I know that I have hang it up.
What a surprise because at work my mate is jovial and calm and funny but now I feel he is a bit of a lush, but more like an alcoholic. This just reminded me why I don’t like to go out to drink anymore. Some people can’t hold their liquor and actually the bar gave us a free drink but it should have been labeled pure moonshine. I had a sip after losing rock, paper, scissors and my stomach is just now recovering. It might have been what set off my friend but in either case we didn’t finish it and my other English friend who is more reserved advised against it and I concurred.
So be careful who you go out with at night. Someone you thought was cool might turn out to be some scouser who likes to live it up a little too much and cause a scene that might make you want to leave as soon as they head off to the toilette.