Monthly Archive: April 2016


All I can do at the end of the day is ride my bike home. I’m trying to build a new titanium bicycle. I still can’t get over Prince being dead. He was our generations Jimmy Hendrix. Will I ever get home? This is going to be a long process. In the mean time life moves forward. My son has a big soccer game tomorrow. Hopefully victory awaits us. Nerves of steel. He started younger than me. De ja vu. It’s spelled incorrectly but sums up this moment. At this stage in life your heroes start dying and people you know start to look old. Japan is a difficult place to live in sometimes but I won’t get shot by the police. I can feel the air siphoned away. That’s why what ever you are becomes focused like a laser. Can’t waste time spying on people with Facebook, will move forward word by word.



Prince dying is like art crying. One of the best and most influential artist of a generation. One of the most memorable parts of my life was going to see the movie Purple Rain with my sister. My aunt who had so many of his records before he had become more famous, greatly influenced my appreciation for music. Listening to Princes music made you feel that you could be original and not care what others think about you. That you can make music in your own way and people would respond because it communicated the need to just be yourself.
Yes, I saw him in concert like so many other people. The artist he spun off of his own creativity and their talent he cultivated. It’s the end of an era or just the beginning. The torch has been passed to us. Now, so many people make singles but can’t make albums. I don’t even listen to a lot of new music because I’m too busy discovering music from the past I’ve never heard before. Prince made so much music and some I may never here, it will take decades just like his career. It hard to make people understand how much he influenced generations of his fans in so many ways.
So many of us are slaves to others opinions and cultivate image more than creativity. If you do anything good it will speak for it’s self but there is nothing wrong with being confident. It’s true that he made some music that I did not like and that is the same for any other artist that I like but it’s just rare to find anyone who could do so many things and well.