Monthly Archive: March 2018

This Cassette

I recently combined an Ultegra and Dura Ace cassette.
The Dura Ace was free from the Jedi because a previous owner said that something was wrong with it. I tested it for a while and it was fine but it kept getting out of index and a careful inspection showed that it was flexing. It was &'(( up. I didn’t want to give up the cogs that were good and I like thy durability of the Ultra cassette so we made Gumbo.
It works, though it is a little sensitive and I have two 17 cogs and it’s only 11 speed with the last cog being a 12 from Dura Ace. Its weird and it works like me on my crazy bicycle. I like titanium bikes because I’m a little rough and I need something that can take more punishment than carbon. I like to take risks and I ride in a lot of extreme conditions.
So far and so good but now the Jedi is asking if I would like to participate in the Fuji Hill Climb. I’ve never been in a professional race but I’ve done a lot of street racing and well maybe its time. I’m really a sprinter but I don’t mind hills, well there is only one way to find out and just do it.
My present contract with my current employer is coming to an end. I was a bit of loaner, most cyclist are and that maybe because I cycled to work and I was older than a lot of my co-workers and I don’t watch Netflix series. I’m not saying it’s bad I just don’t or on HBO too. I hung my bicycle in my classroom. There is a group that likes to play ping pong but I like to shred. I’m not saying I’m anti social or like to make small talk but at times I felt like De Niro in the Deer Hunter. Now all this stuff doesn’t matter because in a few days I’ll be gone again on my bike.

I’m considering going full-time in my business which I have never done and well maybe it’s about time. After nine years of living in Japan and working in the English teaching industry I need more certification. I had it easy when I started out but now that I’m back in the job market I finally realized how easy I had it before. My business is freedom, it’s not easy but I don’t have to take any crap from anyone and it has always protected me in a way. Now I’m really going to find out and well if I get another job I’ll just make adjustments. Its better than going bak home and separating from my family. That’s why I came here to Japan to be with them and out of necessity I discovered cycling and changed my life for the better. Now if I can only get my Japanese my drivers license.