Monthly Archive: July 2019

Many Happy Returns – Ya ku ba ra?

So, for the past 10 months I’ve been commuting by BART in the Bay Area and riding through the East Bay and looking at all the changes that have occurred. I’m still in shock.

I was always talking about moving back home and last year I finally did. I was fortunate enough to get a teaching job and it was back in my home town.

Riding a bicycle transformed my life and with that I’ve been able to meet so many fascinating people and the same was so true when I returned home and started meeting local cyclists and joined a cycling group. Sometimes it was just casual conversations on BART.

Though I was having the time of my life even going so far as to participate in the Five Boros Bike Tour in New York, which was exhilarating and challenging at the same time my bicycle was stolen June 14. Yes, I’m mad and devastated all in one. Because it takes time and especially money to build up a bicycle and almost as important, all the memories that are associated with it.

Litespeed Tuscany – metallic color with no stickers

ENVE black forks – 2.0 Road Bike

Dura Ace 9000 group set

Limited Edition Fulcrum Racing Zero Rims with flat red spokes

FSA Drop Bars with florescent green tape.

Fizik saddle – black

Shimano racing peddles

So, yeah, I’m still morning and I filed police reports and I registered my bicycle with Bikeindex. org  . And I’ve scoured social media and made dozens of posts on Facebook and other outlets but my bicycle is gone. Even the mysterious lead I got from some person purporting to know where the bicycle thief lives and that they had seen some guy riding my bicycle at Ashby BART station – the lead dried up. They were looking for a reward but when my dad and my co-worker and fellow cyclist showed up at the place the lead said the thieves live at, the lead disappeared. I even wondering if it was real and more importantly how the hell did they get my number. But I do remember leaving my phone number with some homeless lady and at the pub where my bicycle was stolen.

What can I do? My bicycle is gone, my memories are gone but like always I move forward and start over and I’ve even bought the same exact frame again. It will be a long slow process but I will recover and whom ever is enjoying my bicycle fuck you!

There is a term in Japanese called Ya ku ba ra, which is kind of like, some things have bad spirits associated with them, so when they or it is gone it’s like a cleansing. On a more positive tip, then maybe that is what happened. It was some sort of release of a bad spirit associated with my bicycle has vanished.

If you have a bicycle you care about make sure you register it. Use small strong U-locks. More importantly than anything, never let your bike out of your site when you go some place. Make sure you can see it at all time or leave it at home.

I had two strong U-locks on my bicycle and the thief busted through the first one. I’ll post pictures later.

At the moment, I’m moving forward, saving up to build up my new frame, vacationing in Japan and continuing to enjoy cycling. It feels great. I’ll recover and I’ll be back stronger. If there is a meaning in all of this I guess I’ll find out soon enough but I know one thing I won’t make the same mistake again.