My son has the flu but he was vaccinated a few months ago. At work some classes have been cancelled.

I’ve never had the flu but I think I might have had symptoms. Somehow I got through it. I’ve never had flu shots either. They offer it through my employer, you have to pay a small fee but I never do it. Not because I’m an anti-vaccination freak but because the flu has just never been a problem for me.

Here in Japan, i feel like it’s so easy to get sick. People live close together and though people wear masks they often sneeze openly. I can’t stand this behavior but all I can do is duck and cover. The best solution for me is to avoid public transportation. Since I’ve been cycling to work, I’ve been a lot healthier, physically and mentally.

Sometimes I have to take the train or the bus but if I don’t have too, I avoid both.

I often walk home from my local train station. I’ve always been a walker but I don’t think I can walk away from the flu.

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