Blood Clot

I’m was obsessed with sounds on my bike.
I usually ride listening to music but occasionally I turn off my sounds and listen. Recently a sound was driving me nuts, even my bicycle mechanic. It took a while to finally learn that it was coming from my pedals but that was after my mechanic tore my bike apart trying to understand what the hell was wrong with me. I don’t think I’m the only one like this but whoever you are and what ever you like to do with your life you probably have something you really enjoy and you always want it to be perfect.
While all of this was going on my tooth that has been slightly cracked not to long ago, finally exploded into a super nova of pain but not after being repaired by new dentist. Now I have a brand new silver cap on one of my bottom teeth and happily the sound that was driving me mad is gone and my tooth ache.
Better yet is the fact that I have a new job and for the first time in a long time I’m enjoying what I’m doing and look forward to going to work like some crazy idiot but I wonder if I’m really losing it now. Things do and can get better but to get to that state of mind sometimes you have to take big risks and stick to your guns even though everyone around you things you’re a giant crack rock.

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