Faux Pas Has Returned

January 26, 2011

I was out of commission for a while because I had to change hosting for my site but now that I’ve sorted that out I’ve returned. A lot has happened. At the present moment I’m in Japan with my family and I’m teaching but on the side I make music, especially beats. The process has been slow but I’m making the most of it. I’m also a writer and I’m working on some projects but again it’s a process.

Former French Embassy

Living in Japan has been challenging but I’m making the most of it. Japan is exciting but it is also complicated because of  the language barrier. This is something I hope to overcome soon. I spent the last four years of graduate school studying Spanish, Now i have to learn Japanese.  I work at a private elite boys school in Tokyo but I also teach private lessons to adults and children and on top of all of that I manage a small language school, art gallery and cafe´. Teaching is moving fast but other aspects of my business are moving slow. Everything that happens is a learning experience. There is so much I can say. Now that children have been thrown into my mix it gets further complicated but I love being a dad.

Being far away is crazy, which I’m sure anyone who has lived abroad can understand. When I look at what is happening back home politically it seems scary because for the most part and this is my opinion, people live comfortably in Japan. Many Japanese are in awe of the social problems that exist in America but Japan is not without its problems. The pace of life here is fast and yes things are expensive. I think people here know how to be comfortable but they don’t know how to relax. Everyone seems to be in a hurry and I try my best not to get on the same treadmill. Social relationships are also complicated but after becoming aware of how complicated they can be you start to find your niche.

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