I’ve been back home for about five months. Before that I had lived in Japan for about 9 years. Previously I wrote about what might happen if I came back home but now I’m here and I think I made the right decision.
I got into cycling in Japan and it changed my life. At home it has been more of a challenge. I don’t really know anyone anymore. I have a new job and a cycling friend at work but he’s like Eddy Merckx and dusted me on a climb. I brought my road bike back but it needs some work now and I can’t seem to find a quality bike mechanic like I had in Japan or maybe I was just spoiled.
Now it’s raining like cats and dogs and I can’t rife much but usually I would take BART from my aunt’s house where I’m staying until I can get a place, to work and then ride 19 miles to the last BART station I could reach and need to complete the commute home.
Life has definitely changed here in the Bay Area, and anyone will tell you that but to me it’s more grimyer and now that marijuana is legal, it smells like weed all the time. I’m not complaining but it’s so weird. I had to leave my family back in Japan to make this career move and besides my job of working at a continuation school this has been the greatest challenge. I went home last winter and it was fun but my heart cracked in half when I came home.
Cycling keeps me whole mentally and fit but I’m struggling socially but maybe that is just something I will have to endure. I miss Japan a lot. It was home for 9 years and now I’m back where it all started in my hometown in Northern California. Of all the places to go back to I came back here and there are other coincidences as well but for now I’m praying for a good cycling mechanic but I’m sure something will turn out. Without the bike Jedi it has been hard but sooner or later things will change.

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