I was back to the beginning. Los Angeles. It had been a while and things have changed. Now it was bicycle. Exploring new routes and trying to see how far I could take it.

This is relocation. After working a year in the San Francisco Bay Area up North I have relocated to Southern California. I was equally shocked when I left Japan and ended up in my hometown.

Cycling had changed my life and now I was on familiar territory in the future of my own wheels. I missed my family as always and that was the biggest sacrifice. There was no other way to stay centered. At least now I was somewhat close to the ocean and night rides where great as were the memories.

In the ocean I always make wish for what I want and how I would want it. That’s what someone told me to do. So every time I go in the waters of the ocean I make a wish but also when I’m out cycling I’m wishing and focusing on what is important to me and how much I appreciate being able to power myself around and the feeling it gives me.

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