I’m still here.
It’s not easy living in Japan. Socially it is complicated because I think that Japanese people are good at cooperation, as was seen with the recent earthquake but they are bad at communication. This is from a foreigners perspective because from the outside looking in, communication appears to be about non-verbal communication. I mean service in Japan is top-notch because of the lack of social skills that people have developed. I feel that the great service that you see in Japanese society is a compensation for the brusqueness of the people. It’s baffling to me but what do I know? I’m an immigrant.
I have to learn the rules but what I see are people who live frantic lives scrambling to scratch the surface of society. I don’t think Japan is a democracy, it’s a massive bureaucracy controlled by wealthy and connected bureaucrats that benefit from the largess of Japanese society.
A perfect example of this is TEPCO.
Japan is beautiful. It’s an affluent society and so that is why I see the silence in the face of extreme odds in Japan.
People here feel safe so they don’t complain.

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  1. Julie Lewis says:

    Very insightful commentary on your perspective of Japan, the people & the recent earthquake-tsunami. Its like placing a cover over a pothole in the road, cars can drive over it, but the hole still exists. In the U.S., we see the surface, not what lies below.

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