R$$$ D$$$$ by Dj Ulipian

I’m still here
! As usual I miss home. Time to move forward. I’m making new friends and there are new adventures. This is turning out to be a lot longer than I expected. Who knows what is next but it can’t be any worse than what I have experienced before. Actually that sounds to pessimistic. I feel good. Sometimes things look so good from afar. I can see things a lot differently. Still something is missing. My family keeps my spirits up. Sometimes I spend hours in the crates looking at vinyl. I can’t really communicate with people so, I can only listen and observe. I’m making an effort to learn the language but it’s moving so slow. I’ve never been one to be too quiet but what can I do?
I have to put my bags down and move one.
New Years was quiet.
I’m amazed at how people here were crosses for fashion and celebrate U.S. holidays but it’s all products and services. The cigarette smoking gets annoying but I’ve never been some place where there is so much social engineering but people here feel safe. After a few days off it’s back to work for most people but not me. I have to keep my mind free but I actually have to start teaching soon.

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